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When encountering some bugs while displaying the page try to reload it with Ctrl-F5.

Model selection

Select some particular catalogue branch in starting showroom page then click the model icon. The model window will open. To select another model click the link in the top-right corner of the model image.


The model is divided into areas, some areas form groups. You select the texture or color and assign it to group or area. The groups are displayed under the model image.

To assign the active texture/color to a group click the group icon. To assign the active texture/color to an area click this area at the model image.

To shift or rotate the texture click the corresponding arrow button to make it active. Then click the area at the model image. You can select the rotation step in degrees and the shift step in % of the period.

Texture selection

To select a texture click the texture icon on the right panel, it will display active state. You can select another folder of textures. To zoom the texture image click the sign to top-right of texture icon.

To select a color without texture click the color icon, it will display active state. You can change color by entering RGB values or using the palette.

Reload speed

The model is reloaded after any change. If you have slow internet connection you can omit intermediate reloadings unchecking "refresh automatically". In this case you have to press "Show" button in order to view changes.

In order to increase the reload speed and decrease the internet traffic you can adjust image between "reload speed" and "image quality".

Enjoy the online-showroom!

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